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How I feel about tomorrow. Let the feast commence. 
Rory, you just get me. 

Luke: Yeah, I’m gonna get going. I just left my toolbox from when I was here earlier fixing things. I do a lot of little things around here for Lorelai.  Lorelai: Yeah, you’re very handy. So Luke, we’ll talk later. Luke: Yes we will. Max: Although probably not tonight. We won’t be back until late. Lorelai: No, I meant not tonight. Max: Oh, I misunderstood. Lorelai: I meant tomorrow. So tomorrow. Luke: Absolutely. We see each other most everyday. Max: Well sure, you’ve got the coffee. Luke: And she needs the coffee. So I’ll see you tomorrow. Lorelai: Tomorrow. Luke: Same time as always. Max: I’d count on a little later. Luke: Doesn’t matter what time it is. I’ll always be around.

You guys are so funny. I love hearing which parts you like. Some of you dislike the Dean days and some of you dislike the April days. Rory’s Chilton years and Rory’s Yale years are like two different shows for me. I love it all, don’t get me wrong.

The answer, by the way, is “YES.”