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In Love, Daisies, and Troubadours, there’s this part where Lorelai wakes up and Luke is fixing her porch and all through the episode he’s just fixing stuff around her house….

but in that first scene, he disappears when she turns around… what’s that all about ? EXPLAIN PLS.?

Anonymous :  I've been watching all of the seasons all over again (currently in season 6) and I just can't seem to like Logan at all. I tried but I think he's a really bad influence on Rory. Jess was never like that and of course Dean was always good. He just treats money like it's nothing and does whatever he wants teaching Rory that she doesn't need an education and to just throw away everything she's worked toward.

Maybe he’s a bad influence in some aspects. To me, I think they learn a lot from each other. Rory needed to loosen up and have a little fun in her life and Logan needed to grow up and take some responsibility. I like Logan.

coldcoffeeinthemoring :  I feel like in the second season opener when Rory brought dean to her grandparents house it seemed like Richard treated dean similar to how Logan's family treated Rory when they met her. Do you agree?

I do agree. Although, I believe they were rude for other reasons as well. I think they were protective because of what happened with Lorelai and Christopher. And the last time Emily had an encounter with Dean, he kept her out all night. I’m not saying they were right. This is, also, a great example of how much Emily and Richard changed over the course of the show.